Road To Lisbon Cyclist – Gaubi Beijers – Conquers Mount Ventoux

The Road To Lisbon is delighted to announce that team member Gaubi Beijers has conquered the famous Mount Ventoux by climbing the mountain three times from different sides.

Vicky and Gaubi

• South from Bedoin: 1,617 m (5,305 feet) over 21.8 K (13.5 miles)
• Northwest from Malaucene: 1,570 m (5,150 feet) over 21.5 K (13.4 miles)
• East from Sault: 1,210 m (3,970 feet) over 26 km (16 miles)

As part of this epic cycle Gaubi was joined by his girlfriend Vicky Hendrix, who had amazingly only started training for this event just over one year ago, with Vicky making the ascent from the South at Bedoin, which is the most difficult of the three climbs

Only last year he managed to climb Alpe d’huez four times to raise money for a Dutch charity that was supporting cancer research

Speaking to Gaubi he mentioned “That he wishes to continue to set challenges that will keep him on his bike”

Prior to embarking on his latest venture, in keeping with setting challenges, Gaubi will also join the rest of the “Road To Lisbon” cycling team next April as they embark on a new project to Cycle from Celtic Park, Glasgow to the San Siro, Milan

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