Professional support_Massage therapist_Jill McLaggan

The Road To Lisbon are delighted to have a new professional support team member on board

Jill McLaggan Massage

Advanced Clinical Massage therapist based in Edinburgh.   Specialising in the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain.

  • Treatments are tailored to each individual and each individual’s requirements on the day.
  • Common complaints treated include low back pain, ‘sciatica’, ‘frozen’ shoulder, neck pain & headaches

Jill offers outcome-based treatments, aiming to reduce your level of pain and restore normal function to tight or impaired muscles.  Combining her vast experience as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and full -time massage therapist, Jill will aim to improve the health and functionality of the whole body.

Techniques used include, deep tissue work, stretching, trigger point therapy and educating the patient in the management of their condition.

Working within the teams at Dee Atkinson Herbalist (Napiers) and Albany Street Clinics, she will work with the podiatrists, osteopaths or acupuncturists, to ensure that the patient is on the fastest route to health and fitness.


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