Personal Interest Story – Peter and Grace

Peter Ledwidge, 51 year old Golf Pro from Falkirk. Been living and working in Mallorca for over 20 years.

As a Celtic fan the importance of this year and the 50th anniversary of Lisbon was clear to me. I fancied the idea of a pilgrimage to the Estadio Nacional to celebrate as the one time I was in Lisbon I didn’t have time to visit. When I read online about the plan to cycle there my first reaction was WOW! If I was a cyclist then I would do that!


Then I realised I had 8 months to train and what a wonderful way it was to raise money for charity and learn so I signed up.

I was gifted a quality used carbon road bike from a friend and set about my plan. The 1st 4 months I trained solo. I went for long runs to get my skeleton used to being on a bike for 6 – 8 hours a day and to reduce my 103 kg. During that time I went to see Garry Kirk for a bike fitting and Grace was conceived.

As I steadily lost weight and increased my distances I thought I was doing OK until I started cycling with others. My technique left a lot to be desired and resulted in me being much slower climbing and descending. Some great advice from Road To Lisbon colleagues and quality cyclists in Mallorca along with lots of You Tube videos and my times and distances improved dramatically.

As Grace was developing I had the idea to honour the Lisbon Lions with some nice decals, you can see the result in the photos. Credit to Scott McKendrick at Advertisign Direct for his creativity.

I write this blog with only 12 days to go before we depart on the challenge of a lifetime. I have cycled over 6,300 Km, climbed more than 70,000 Meters and now weigh in at only 89 kg.

Grace was finally delivered and I took her out for the 1st time on Sat 8th April, she is a beauty indeed!

Together we hope to raise £4000 for the 3 charities involved. You can also read more about Grace within this weeks Celtic View and on web

You can help by giving what you can here

Thank you



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