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With 80 days to go, I thought that it may be worth sharing stories in relation to either my training progress or the project progress.  We will take a trip back to the beginning of the month in order to make a catch up.


We were delighted to be able to sign off the design off our cycling jersey with partner provision. At this time we were in a position to incorporate the corporate logos of our Sponsors, Corporate partners and Professional Support Company.

Our sponsors

  • OHMS Hygiene
  • Smith and McLaurin
  • Frux private bank

Our corporate partners

As a small group of 30 cyclists we were also very grateful to the support of volunteer corporate partners who invested their time to help

  • Eden group – marketing and banner manufacturer
  • William Brown – Web designer
  • Tommy Brown – Graphic designer of our iconic image
  • IDS + Co – Financial accountants

Our professional support company for the trip

  • Greenock Ltd

Who will look after the safety and comfort of our once in a lifetime journey from Celtic Park through to Lisbon, making recce and planning our logistics


In the tropical weather of a Glasgow morning we made a trip to paradise, where ten of the cyclists, two of their Lisbon fathers would be privileged to meet representatives from the three charities close to their hearts, Celtic Foundation – Mr Tony Hamilton, Solving Kids Cancer – Chris Riddle and from Children in Cross Fire – Claire Ann McNeill

Despite the cold weather this proved to be both an emotional and fun time with photos being taken of our charity banner, before we were spoiled by getting some pictures of the big cup in the boardroom. The team would soon warm up when due to the great organisation work of Jane Maguire from Celtic FC Foundation we were provided with a meeting room, some warm drinks and subsistence. We would proceed to have a detailed and informative team meeting with the banner being used as a table cloth


This provided an opportunity to make a short cycle of 40 miles on Sunday over one of my favourite routes in Ayrshire via Stewarton and A77. Bumping into one of our cyclists on route, having stopped for a quick chat did not realise how very cold it was that day, I may later regret this.


Due to work travel commitments, unable to make any outdoor cycling. Later that day we would start to feel the unfortunate effects of cold and flu type symptoms.


Now in the midst of having cold and flu symptoms, one was now feeling sorry for himself and no training would take place. We would later be inspired this evening with a call with all three of the charities close to our hearts, where the objective was to make a final decision on the charity media launch


This was a very special day as each of the charities had started to make their own media launches. Beyond this many of cyclists would take social media to promote their charity donate pages.


Our very charitable and supportive friends at Celtic Quick News would then run a story to highlight our project


With cold and flu symptoms really pulling me down, it was decided that we would stay off the bike, stay away from the gym and to help recover, I would stay away from the tropical weather of Celtic Park, missing the Inverness match. The order of the day was duvet and Vick vapo rub.

One of our keen cyclists Martin,  did manage to take the banner along to Celtic Park for its first home match.


Working with our clothing partner, Provision we were delighted to be able to launch the online shop, which allows for “The Road To Lisbon” cycling kit to be purchased online. Which will not only help free up some time for one of our cyclists Shaun, it will allow for provision to scale online sales and help raise much needed funds for charity

If interested in purchasing kit, please Click link to view shop

User name: ride 2 lisbon

Password: 2489


Our professional support company Greenock, commenced their journey into Spain and Portugal where they would continue to make their recce of the route and hotels


Greenrock team are now in sunny Spain and commence the recce from Santander, they went straight into the recce for the Glasgow to Lisbon route. First night for the cyclists close to the ferry in Santander, then out of town on busy (ish) but large roads and into the gorgeous Cantabrian mountains where the first 4km climb lays in wait. Our very own KOM’s no names mentioned appear to be getting excited about this already


Our professional support company Greenrock, continue to make the recce down through Spain, looks like we may have some super weather and decent roads to cycle on.


Focusing on the comfort of the cycle and to help prevent injuries had decided to take myself and new bike through a professional bike fit, having the cycling shoes set up, bike adjusted. A few miles and a few hours later we had managed to get the fit to a reasonable position.



After being away from the bike and gym for two weeks, it was time to try and get back out on the bike. Whilst it was an amazing experience knocking out 100 K on the roads of Ayrshire and Renfrewshire learning some new routes with one of the other R2L team members Allan. I would admit that my body seemed to struggle and team mate was rather patient on some of the hills.

I would head back to excellent bike fit guy “Garry Kirk Bike Fitting “ and finalize the bike fitting before bringing the new babe back home.


In order to support our charities, on a personal basis ask for your help with regards to  sponsorship donations and include link to my own charity donation page Please click here to donate

Thanks for your consideration and support


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