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Shaun Purdie, one of our cyclists has been making quick video updates at the end of each day’s cycling. They really capture the raw emotion, exhaustion (physically and mentally) and the blood, sweat and tears our cyclists are going through in this wonderful but sometimes grueling challenge.

Watch Shaun’s personal journey from the clips below.

Celtic Park Launch – watch our amazing drone footage available here (credit Alan Stewart)

Day 1 – Celtic Park to Langholm (85 Miles / climbing over 4700ft)

Watch Shaun’s video diary in the clip below.

Day 2 – Langholm to Ingleton  (96 Miles / climbing over 8850ft )

Watch Shaun’s video clip below.

Day 3 – Ingleton to Glossop (82 Miles / climbing over 11050ft)

Watch Shaun’s video diary in the clip below

Day 4 – Glossop to Meriden (101 Miles /climbing over 8450ft)

Watch Shaun’s video diary in the clip below

Day 5Meriden – Newbury (100 Miles / climbing over 5800ft) As the group heads to Newbury on a 100 mile cycle.  Shaun had a very tough decision to make – watch Shaun’s video in the clip below.

We will miss your spirit but rest up Shaun, stay strong – and we will see you in Lisbon!

Day 6 – Newbury – Portsmouth (62 Miles / climbing over 4250ft)

Guess who’s back? Back again……. yip its our Shaun and he’s got plenty to say!

Watch Shaun’s video diary in clip below.

Day 7 – Santander Ferry

A smiling happier Shaun telling tales from the Ferry!

Day 8 – Santander – Cervera de Pisguera (82 Miles / 7729ft)

Shaun’s first day back on the bike – watch his video below to hear how it went.

Day 9 – Cervera de Pisguera – Villalpando (97 Miles / 2438ft)

The fastest day cycling yet – watch Shaun’s video below hear all about it.



Day 10 – Villalpando – Ledesma (82Miles / 3107ft)

Another fast day for the groups.  TEAM MACHINE!!

Watch Shaun’s video from today below – he makes a very good point

“this is not all about football….”










Emotional scenes as the team reach the Portuguese border.  The DREAM is real and its happening!

Watch the video below.   Apologies for the swearing! (Hankies at the ready – Admin!)





Day 11 – Ledesma, Spain – Sabugal, Portual (87 Miles / 3704ft)

Shaun chats to us from PORTUGAL this evening.

Watch his video below to hear his Portuguese chat.

Please share these videos far and wide to reach as many folk as you can.




Day 12 – Sabugal – Proenca a Nova (94 Miles/6229ft)

Watch Shaun’s video for today to help understand how the cycle is starting to take its toll on the team.

No wonder with the miles and climbing they have done.







Day 13 – Proenca a Nova – Almeirim (84.1 Miles / 5188ft)

Shaun sums up how everyone is feeling on this very sad and somber day!

Watch video below.

Day 14 – FINAL cycle day

Almeirim – Trafaria – Belem – Lisbon (88Miles/3900ft)

Its our final day – the dream is here.

Watch Shaun’s video – its an emotional one.




Day 15 – Estadio Nacional, Lisbon

The journey is over – we did it, we made it.

Watch Shaun’s post match review – its an emotional one.

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