Major fundraising milestone reached

Major fundraising milestone reached

Early yesterday morning (day 3 of cycle) we reached an incredible milestone in our fundraising by hitting the THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND POUND target.

This couldn’t have come at a better time as Day 3 was a particular gruesome day for the team as it was a day of up hills and down dales for most of the day. So to hear we had reached and surpassed £35K gave us that push to get up and down those hills.

It was whilst out on these hills that some of us were stopped to be handed some further cash donations. Incredible!

Some of our donations across the team pages are anonymous – so we would all like to extend thanks to each and every one of you who has taken the time to donate to our fundraising.

Our three charities are incredibly proud of our achievements to date and the money raised will go a long way to helping each of them deliver their core values.

It’s a lot of money to have raised – by let’s not stop there – let’s push on and see if we can reach £40K.

Details on how to sponsor us via text or via our secure fundraising pages can be found here




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