Fundraising Update – 17th May 2017

Buenos Noches!

Our team have arrived safely in Santander and are settling down on dry land after 24 hours on the Portsmouth – Santander ferry.

First thing to be unpacked was the boss man’s calculator and after tapping away for what seemed an age – it is official – we have BROKEN through the THIRTY SEVEN THOUSAND POUND target and are well on our way to £40k.

This is amazing news and its all thanks to our very generous supporters.

Watch the clip below to hear what group lead Paul Muldoon (the boss man) had to say about it.  (bear with him he’s unusually camera shy!)

You are all amazing and hearing the fundraising tally rise makes us pedal on knowing how the charities will benefit from your very kind donations.  We don’t want to be greedy but lets try and push on to £40K. (Details on how to sponsor us via text or via our secure fundraising pages can be found here).

Please continue to follow our journey as we head down through Spain and into Portugal over the next week.

From the bottom of our hearts…. Gracias! Thank you! Danke! Merci! Grazie and Cheers!

The Cyclists


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