Upto 2 cycle places available from Portsmouth to Lisbon


Please be advised that 2 Places had become available from Portsmouth to Lisbon 

If interested please get in touch ! 

As you are aware previously we had planned to make a 19 days cycle to Lisbon, at the time some folks had mentioned they had challenges with time off work. We can advise that we had decided to offer an alternative programme.

A: 11th May 2016 – Glasgow to Lisbon via Portsmouth / Santander

  • 11th May – 6 days cycling around 508 miles to Portsmouth
  • Tuesday 16th May – ferry from Portsmouth to Santander, arriving early evening Wednesday 17th
  • 7 days cycling 580 miles from Santander to Lisbon, arriving Wednesday 24th May
  • Accommodation up to morning of the 25th May, cycle to stadium
  • Bikes back to M25/M6/Glasgow

B:  Glasgow to Portsmouth – 6 days 508 miles 

C: Portsmouth/Santander – Then 7 days cycling 580 miles to Lisbon – Depart Portsmouth 16th May 2017 

An outline of costs based on 28 cyclists:



Cycle management/support fee £1078.02 £431.21 £646.81
Ferry £141.50 0 £141.50
Accommodation £520 £200 £320
Food £325 £150 £175
Total £2064.52 £781.21 £1283.31

Subject to contract

Additional spaces will be released on a first come first serve basis based on actual deposits paid, timelines and payment schedule as follows:

Wave payment schedule:

Description A: GLA/LIS B: GLA/POR C: POR/LIS


Initial deposit (immediate payment) £300 £100 £300
Wave payment by 31.10.2016 £200 £200 £200
Wave payment by 30.11.2016 £600 £200 £200
Balance by 01.03.2017 £965 approx £285 approx


£585 approx

If interested, please arrange to get in touch via

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