Deposit payments outstanding – Pay up !

Folks, since the 25th May 2016, “The Road To Lisbon” team had received a huge amount of inquiries from folks. Some ranged from the sheer romance of the project to folks being semi serious and very serious. The journey had been awesome and the chat had been inspiring !
Recognizing that we need to make commitments to the various service providers it is important that we have this equally from cyclists who had advised that they wished to take part. Please be advised that earlier this evening we had sent out some important messages to team members.
One of these key messages, we wish to inform folks where we had not received deposits from as yet then we ask if interested then please pay the NON refundable deposit by Wednesday the 5th October.
In order not to avoid pestering folks, please be advised that we will not send anymore reminder emails on this. If however you need clarity on anything please contact us before this date

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