Summer of sport – Adventure of a lifetime

Excited after a summer of sport ?

Why not consider 20 days of action packed excitement, adrenaline, blood, sweat, tears and laughter with great company

19 cycling days (16 big and 3 small)

The Road to Lisbon  RTL-1

We have close to 60 cyclists taking part in multiple legs from Celtic Park to Lisbon

We have a team ranging from 24 years old to 58 years young

Our team is made up of folks from various countries:


Why not consider taking part in all of the legs, some of the legs or even one of the legs

Our cycle is being funded by each of the individuals taking part and we have a professional support company helping us with our logistics, we can tailor the trip to accommodate the amount of days you wish to take part

Our aims are as follows

  1. Raise awareness for three charities close to our hearts, raise over 40 k
  2. Make cycle accessible to as many people as possible
  3. Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Lisbon Lions achievement

If interested, please reach out as follows:



facebook: theroadtolisbon2017

facebook url:





PS Cycle is Open to all and you don’t have to be a Celtic Fan

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