Ladies Annual Mileage Record Attempt

On Friday we took a break at the R2L to bring you news of cycle and activities that some of the team had planned for this weekend. Having launched the R2L under the radar from social media back in October during this time we had spoken with many potential cyclists and we continue to recruit for what will be a cycle of a lifetime.

With close to 50 cyclists taking part in the Lisbon project across various stages, our team had become very much become inspired by each other’s stories. One such story is of team member Zuzanna Ciszewska, where on Monday 1st of August 2016 will embark on a huge challenge of aiming to beat the ladies Annual Mileage record attempt.

In addition to taking part 200 miles from Manchester to London, 19 days to Lisbon,  Zuz as known to her friends plans to ride her bike each day and continue to work full time. We asked Zuz to share some words of what inspired her to make this challenge.

“We all love great cycling stories. We get inspired by our heroes. Whether your hero is called Lance or Marco it doesn’t matter. He inspired you to do great things. It may have been to take up cycling, to ride the Queen Stage of the Giro, climb Passo Giau or to finally start racing. This year I have been inspired by two truly amazing women: Billie Dovey and Kajsa Tylen.

Billie did this awesome thing, in order to promote and inspire a healthy lifestyle for women, she set out to ride as far as she could in a year. She rode every day, on a 3-speed road bike, and achieved a mind-blowing 29,603 miles. If that wasn’t enough she would often finish each day by giving a talk on the health benefits of cycling. And all that was achieved in 1938 – nearly 80 years ago!

And Kajsa – she is my hero of today. On January 1st 2016 she has set out to break Billie’s record. And instead of fundraising she has been asking for everybody’s sweat pledge. It is her way of promoting being active and it can be as challenging as you like. What an amazing initiative that is!zuz bike

And these two amazing ladies inspired me to undertake the Annual Mileage World Record Attempt. My challenge has been accepted by Guinness World Records and I will officially begin in August 2016.

I will have to be clever about my daily distance as I will be working full-time as well as trying to break the record. So there will be days where I will ride less and will have to compensate with big rides at the weekends and during holidays.

My motivation is to inspire other people to take up this amazing sport and I believe this makes it an aim in itself. Cycling is so much more than just trying to get as many QOMs/KOMs on each ride. Don’t get me wrong, I love when I load the ride and they magically pop up, but for me when I ride I have time to think, relax and prepare. It gives me clarity for life.”

During “The Road To Lisbon” folks will be required to cycle an average of 160 KM per day, in order to encourage Zuz break the record, some of the team had volunteered to take it in turns to make an extra 40 KM’s some of the days.

You can track Zuz’s progress at link below

At the R2L we continue to recruit for cyclists to take part in all or some of the 19 days, if interested please get in touch



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