The adventure of a life time…..

Since launching the cycle on the 25th May 2016, we are delighted to announce that there had been a huge interest from folks wishing to take part. At present we have 40 folks confirmed as being signed up to take part at different stages of the cycle.

Recognising that folks may only get a certain amount of holidays, the cycle is designed in such a way to make it as accessible and flexible, to give an idea we have folks joining us on the following legs:

  • Celtic Park to Lisbon
  • Portsmouth/St Malo to Lisbon
  • Mont de Marsan to Lisbon
  • Celtic Park to Segre in France
  • Celtic Park to Portsmouth
  • Celtic Park to Wigan
  • Celtic Park to Carlisle

Our team is made up of folks from the following countries, The Netherlands, France, Poland, Ireland, England and Scotland. The team is made up of folks with different abilities all with the common goal of taking part next May in some or all of the legs, stretching themselves beyond their current highest/long miles for example.

We are actively still looking to recruit team members to join us for either all of the trip or part of the trip. As this will be an adventure of a life time why not consider stretching yourself by aiming for a target of taking part next May. We enclose the latest information pack which provides further information. If after reading this document and you would have further questions then feel free to get in touch.

If you interested in taking part, then we have a contact page within the web site or alternatively please drop us an email:

We look forward to welcoming more team members on board


20160626 The Road to Lisbon May 2017_Information pack1

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