Cycling legs and stops

Team as you can imagine the journey will take more than a few days, similar to when many of the fans made the journey back in 1967. For folks who may not be in a position to get three weeks holiday, it is worth pointing out that there will be a number of legs involved.

To date some folks had informed us they wish to join at Portsmouth/St Malo and others plan to take part in the first couple of days in the UK or even the the gala day coming out of Celtic Park. For awareness here is an outline of our stops/legs:

Departing Celtic Park on Saturday 6th May 2017, evening stops at the following:

6th – Carlisle
7th – Wigan
8th – Stourport
9th – Swindon
10th – Portsmouth (ferry crossing)

11th – Segre
12th – Niort
13th – Montendre
14th – Mont – de – Marson
15th – Orthez
16th – Pamplona
17th – Logrono
18th – Burgos
19th – Valladolid
20th – Salamanca
21st – Ciudad ridrigo
22nd – Fundao
23rd – Tomar
24th – Lisbon

Please get in touch, hail hail !

2 thoughts on “Cycling legs and stops

  1. Very brief communication as two of us cycled past a van over Corhampton Down , Droxford and Soberton where we finished our training ride….Today .So checked out website and, wished we could partcipate,So well done and good luck,,will spread the word….AND Heading to Portsmouth right now ..So sorry to have missed the chance of joining in as do have the time and the spirit !…Jim & John

    1. thanks heaps for taking time to message us.
      We are currently on the ferry to Santander – you can follow our progress to date on this site and keep up to date with our daily progress via our social media channels – why not give us a follow.
      To date we have raised an amazing £36.7K – any retweets/shares and follows to help raise our profile and our fund would be very much appreciated.

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